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Erik Cox

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Danyelle Moss

C2 Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializing in Medicare Insurance Solutions. We work with the major insurance companies so we can offer our clients appropriate coverage for them. Our clients are located all across Colorado, giving us a great feel for the insurance landscape. We design plans with a focus on low costs, and proper benefit structure, which we combine with personalized insurance advice aimed at helping our clients make better-informed decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with assistance in understanding and making the right decisions when it comes to insurance. We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help meet our client's established goals. Our personal goal is to become a lifetime resource for our clients and give them greater confidence in choosing their insurance plan.

Retirement Solutions

Safe Money Education and rollovers

In our role as Retirement Specialists, we choose to focus on a few aspects which are closely related to Medicare. One such aspect is our belief in what we call “safe money” options, the ability to roll retirement savings into tax deferred vehicles which will provide growth and an income for our clients into their retirement years.

These safe money options are insurance contracts called Fixed Indexed Annuities. Because there is a Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (abbreviated as IRMAA) when your income exceeds certain amounts, we sometimes recommend these annuities to legally avoid these adjustments. These contracts also offer tax deferred growth and a higher rate of return than traditional vehicles like CDs or savings accounts.

Just like with Medicare, we hold periodic education sessions both online and in person for these safe money options. If you are interested give us a call or message us for the next seminar date, they are always presented with no obligation to you for attending.